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PPS Asbestos

PO Box 1037
Hope Island QLD
4212 Australia

Phone: 0434 721 865


PPS is a leading manufacturer of Decontamination Equipment as well as Personal Protective Equipment. We specialize in providing complete solution packages to a wide variety of hazardous industries. Since PPS's inception 67 years ago, our overriding ethos has been to provide the greatest possible protection to employees and to maintain a safe workplace in any hazardous situation.

PPS developed unique technology which made it the leader in protective suits and equipment for various industry including the asbestos, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The company has refined its research and development capabilities while expanding its investments and technologies in Europe and the rest of the World. PPS ensures it collaborates with industries, organizations, and Governments to guarantee the latest technologically advanced products for the protection of your staff and customers.


  • Protective Equipment
  • asbestos removal equipment
  • professional protection systems
  • disposable protective clothing
  • hazardous waste protective clothing

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