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People & Society

There is a goal in most of society to enable people to be self-sufficient members of civilization, able to take care of themselves and provide for themselves in terms of food, health, a place to live, clothing, transportation, and other essential needs, like paying bills. This means an education or training to get a job, with the hope that their income is able to give them a comfortable standard of living that lets them pursue personal passions and spend time enjoying life with loved ones when not at work

These are the adult years, and with advances in medicine, health, and especially nutrition, lifespans are on the rise. With that, a person's self-sufficient years are growing, sometimes being as many as fifty or more years, as many seniors are taking care of themselves further and further into old age. However, it has not changed that those who are young and some who are old still need helping hands. People and society have obligations to provide child care and aged care to those in need. The generations that bookend a life cycle are the responsibility of the tens of millions of working age who are healthy, independent, and able to support those who are not able to support themselves yet or those who are unable to continue supporting themselves.

Child care is the responsibility primarily of parents. They have to keep babies clothed, fed, clean, and comfortable. They also need to provide medical care and start teaching them things like the alphabet, colors, and basic vocabulary. Children certainly do need to be allowed to play to practice creativity and motor control, as well as learn how to socialize with others, but learn personal interests too. Child care is often thought of as just supervising kids in safety, but parents do need to raise their children in such ways that they eventually become the independent and contributing members of society that civilization relies on for everyone's benefit and well-being.

Child care does not end when a child is old enough to go to public school. Many parents unfortunately turn more into babysitters at this point, just making sure their kids stay clean, fed, safe, and well-rested before sending them back to school. While schools are very necessary to teach kids many things in preparation for adulthood, parents still need to teach their children their values and how to do things that schools might not cover, ranging from spiritual and religious beliefs to how to deal with the opposite gender, care for a car, shop wisely for things, and handle personal budgets or find a job.

Child care is also not something that parents alone should handle. It was once controversially but famously said that 'it takes a village,' and the truth is that parents need all the help that they can get when it comes to raising kids. If it's a first kid, they've never done it before, and even if it's their second or third kid, they've got more than one kid to deal with right now!

Childless aunts and uncles should step in to help with anything they do know how to do, and grandparents are often happy to help since they've been through it before. Other parents are often a serious form of help.

Eventually children do grow up to be adults, and many provide their own child care to their own offspring, but they need to keep an eye on their parents. As people move up in years, many have trouble facing the fact that they are slowing down and they might not want to admit they can't do the things they used to be able to do. As such, it might take a family intervention for them to realize they can't drive at dark, drive at all, or do other things that are essential components of a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Considering that anyone who has lived long enough to make it to retirement has spent multiple decades contributing to the larger economy, the tax base, and the safety net programs that everyone will eventually rely on, it is an obligation of society to help families take care of their aged relatives. The aforementioned increases in lifespans means that some who live into their supposed golden years wind up in very different shapes. Some have minds that are still as sharp as ever but their bodies are not in great shape, whereas others can still walk and talk but their minds slip, and sometimes they never come back mentally. It's tragic when a person is gone years before their body, but it does happen to some.

Any family that has an older relative needing care and supervision should be able to find help, as residential homes are not always the answer and a facility might be needed. Working-age adults do want to care for their parents, but they have to keep working for a living, caring for their kids, and making sure their own lives matter before their time is up.

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