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With the exception of the polar ice caps, cars and trucks are found in every single corner of the Earth. In any type of prospering society cars, trucks, buses, and other forms of transportation are a vital part of getting people to their jobs, products to the marketplace, and making the business world prosper. Without them, fruits and vegetables would rot in the fields, people couldn't get to work, and the whole world would literally collapse. However, keeping all of the different forms of transportation moving in the right direction takes a concerted effort from a huge number of people in many different automotive industry occupations. Let's take a look at some of the most important jobs that keep us on the road.

You Might Think That It All Begins At The Automobile Manufacturers

It's easy to think that cars and truck begin their lives at the huge auto manufacturers like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and others, but really they don't. The metal that most cars are made from is mined throughout the world from many different locations and without all of those mines no cars would be built at all.

After the minerals that contain the metals, like iron ore, bauxite, and others are removed from the ground, they make the journey to a smelter. This is where they are processed by being crushed, heated, and separated to become the pure metals that we use to make automobiles. So in a sense, all of these jobs depend on the manufacturers of cars to stay in business and they are automotive industry occupations as well. There are plenty of others, glass manufacturers, plastic makers, rubber makers, and even carpet and seat material manufacturers as well.

The Design Of The Cars And Trucks Is Important Too

There are thousands of different parts that go into making a car and each one has had its start on a design engineer's computer first. That's where the part is first imagined, then designed, made into a prototype and then submitted to multiple tests. Everything has to be tested for hundreds of different things like wear, abuse, heat, cold, moisture, chemical exposure, and thousands of other things. If it can't take the heat under the hood, it can't be used there. By the time a part has made it onto a car it's been tested hundreds of times in different conditions to make sure that it will last the life of the car. If not, the entire car could be subject to a recall, a sore spot on the car industries record that's to be avoided at all costs.

Now that all of the parts have been designed, manufactured, tested, and passed, they are then brought to the assembly line and built into a car, truck, SUV, van, or some kind of transportation vehicle.

Without The Advertising, Most Cars Wouldn't Be Sold

Even before a car is manufactured, it will begin to be advertised through press releases, industry leaks of the body style, and reports of sightings at the proving grounds. These are all part of the hype that gets people interested in a new model. Then, TV ads will have to be produced and time bought on all the local channels and during the big games as well.

Billboards will start showing up with the new models, and magazines will do reviews to help people decide if that's the right car for them. Local dealers will start to get shipments and ads will start showing up in the local newspapers, these incremental steps of getting a car to market are all part of the automobile industry occupations that are needed to keep new cars flowing to market to replace worn out, wrecked, and discarded older vehicles.

After A Car Is Purchased, Dozens Of Other Auto Personnel Take Over

Every car that is bought from a dealer begins a life on the road that involves regular fill-ups at the gas station, new tires when the old ones wear out, and regular oil changes and tune-ups that keep them running smooth. Of course, the insurance industry also has to have a hand in the auto industry since nearly every country on Earth has laws requiring drivers to be covered with liability insurance to even be on the road.

In addition to that, thousands of banks, saving and loans, credit unions, and finance companies also have a hand in making sure that people can buy their dream cars with time payments. Almost no cars would be sold if everyone had to pay cash up front, but with monthly payments, nearly everyone with a job can afford some kind of car.

After all of these thousands of people have gotten the car this far, there are still auto mechanics, glass repair services, muffler repair, auto body workers, car stereo installers, and even window tint workers and locksmiths that all rely on the manufacturing, selling, and servicing of automobiles. It is a huge industry that touches every part of society in many ways.

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